Our Story

A Wine retailer’s friendship with a Software Engineer.

First I thought you just needed a web page with basic Information I asked my friend to build it –

"He did. (2013 - 2014)"

Then I thought you wanted more, like elegant Wine Images, reviews, food pairing notes, a way to buy and pay online and collect at the store. I asked my friend to make it –

"He did (2014 - early 2015)"

Now I am thinking – what you want is – a simple web page with a huge collection of Wine/Beer/Liquor at just the right price and a method to get you the wine just when you want it, don’t they say right product at the right price at the right time ?,and Also I know you are lazy to use credit cards and enter all the information just to pick up at store so we introduced the Email cart , just add your Wine/Scotch to the Email cart and hit the send button, I will take care of your order and inform you when it is ready for pick up ( Yes I will try to get you on the same day ) .Again here is it -

"My friend built it (2015 – present)"

No matter what you want I will figure it out and my friend will make it until then we will keep trying !!!

Rishi Makkar
Rishi's International Beverage
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Phone: (616) 942-7240
Email: makkarri@hotmail.com